Bay Plaza Ear Piercing

Bay Plaza Ear Piercing

Who are you gonna call? Studio Jewelers, of course!

bay plaza ear piercingA lot of people want to know where is the best ear piercing location in the Bronx. Here at Studio Jewelers, we offer excellent services with highly trained staff. Our team is made up of excellent people from all walks of life. Do you crave to speak in your mother tongue? NO PROBLEMO – we always have someone who speaks your language and can relate to your life story. You do not even need an appointment to meet with a specially trained ear piercing specialist. How much does it cost to get a piercing at bay plaza mall, you might ask? The answer is “it is almost free at Studio Jewelers!” This place is the bay plaza ear piercing specialist!

Here at Studio, our experts do baby ear piercings, ear piercing for teens, and ear piercings for adults. In our store’s inventory, we carry all kinds of different earrings, including all tones of gold jewelry, silver earrings, and studs. Fortunately, we do not carry costume jewelry, since we only sell real jewelry. Since we care about you and your loved ones, we want you to only wear real and pure precious metal items every single day. All of our products get tested for quality control, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Less Is More

Our staff lives to serve you. Therefore we always show you that “Less Is More.” Hence, we ask you to pay less money, and we give you more jewelry, service, and value! While you shop, you just can’t resist the classic “Studio Jewelers Smile of Joy!” As a result, we show you results, every single time. The Studio Jewelers Family is serving you non-stop for more than a quarter century. That’s a really long time! While we have the good fortune of greeting our thousands of customers personally by name, we hope to meet you for the first time! Likewise, we want to greet you again soon here at Studio Jewelers (Bay Plaza Shopping Center Jewelry Store)! Come ahead and join our family today! 🙂

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