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How to Sell Gold Jewelry in New York

A lot of people want to sell their jewelry in New York. They have old, unused, unwanted, dirty, or broken jewelry to sell. Sometimes they just need some cash. Other times, they just do not want or need the jewelry and want to get rid of it. You could be doing spring cleaning, or you might be moving to a new home. You might want to get rid of your old engagement ring. There are a million and one reasons why you would want to sell gold jewelry.


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    Clean out your jewelry box
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    Pick out the top three items that you wear often
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    Look at whatever else is left, and ask yourself if you will ever really wear those items
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    Collect whatever you would like to sell (gold) and put it in a bag
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    Determine whether you are closer to the Bronx or to Yonkers

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      If Bronx is closer, drive to Studio Jewelers: 2240 Bartow Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475. You can check them out at and you can call them at 718-320-0388

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      If Yonkers is closer, drive to Yonkers Gold and Diamond: 467 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704. You can learn more at or you can call them at 914-226-8777


  • Make sure to collect all of your items in a ziplock back, so that you don’t lose anything in your pockets or purse
  • These buyers will even buy your dirty, broken, and twisted out of shape jewelry – if it is gold, they will buy it
  • These buyers buy other precious metals as well, including silver and platinum.
  • No gold buyers will purchase “costume jewelry” since it does not have any precious metal content

Things You’ll Need

  • Your jewelry
  • Your ID – this can be a state issued ID such as a driver’s license, or your American Passport. The Identification Document must be from the United States of America
  • Somewhere to put the money that the jewelry buyer gives you
  • A rubber band to hold your cash in place
  • A smile 🙂