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Studio Jewelers (Bay Plaza) is acknowledged as a prime gold and fine jewelry dealer and buyer, as well as an established precious metal purity testing location. 

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Sunday-Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday 10am – 4:00pm

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Studio Jewelers Reviews and Testimonials

Here are just a few Studio Jewelers Reviews and Testimonials.

Studio Jewelers Testimonials and Reviews are added on a regular basis.

Coolest Grandmother Ever:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“Hello everyone, I’m at Studio Jewelers, and I’ve brought several things. People are very nice here, they’re very obliging, very helpful in helping you choose what you like – just tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll go right away and help you choose what you like!”


Cute Girl Reveals Shocking Secret:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“Come down to Studio Jewelers, they will not steer you wrong! Xmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, they always do such a great they. They always meet you where you’re at price wise. Beautiful Jewelry, and great service! They’ve never done me wrong, and I will definitely come back!”


Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“Just want to say that we are very grateful and very happy. We will definitely be back to the store. We were treated very well by Ralph and all the staff. The kids were treated good, and we got a great deal!”


Speechless in Studio Jewelers:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“Ok. I came in to Studio Jewelers today and I was planning on buying myself a bracelet, and the things here are just… my eyes… and I’m kind of speechless! Because they have so many things, prices are reasonable! I was serviced by a gentleman named ralph, and not only did I get my bracelet, I brought my daughter a bracelet, I brought myself a pair of earrings, and the price (and the discount) was spectacular.

You’ve got to come to Studio Jewelers!”

The Best Experience Ever!:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“I had a great experience at Studio Jewelers and was able to purchase a pair of earrings and a necklace at a reasonable price. They really helped me out. It’s a great experience I had here, and I encourage all of you to shop here at Studio Jewelers! Thank you!”


Free Earrings, WHAT???:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“Hi I came to Studio Jewelers in Bay Plaza, Which has been here for over 25 years, and I came just to get my ring cleaned. I happened to meet a great representative named Rafael and although I wasn’t interested in buying anything, I left with a beautiful chain and some earrings. You must come and check out Studio Jewelers, they are having a great sale this week, and you also get a free set of earrings if you come for Black Friday. So come and check it out, I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll love. Have a good one. Thank You!”

He Put A Promise Ring On IT!:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“I came here looking for a promise ring for my girl and the employees here helped me out very much. To this day she she loves it, and tells me how much she appreciates it. I appreciate the guys here that work in Studio Jewelers. Thank you very much guys, thank you, thank you!”


Shoutout To Studio Jewelers:
Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers ReviewsHappy customer thanks Studio Jewelers (22400 Bartow avenue, bronx, NY) for his new gold chain!:

“Shoutouts to Studio Jewelers for hooking me up for this chain. Bay Plaza Mall – Always coming here, thank you guys! Alright Studio Jewelers!”


Cute Young Couple Shops at Studio Jewelers:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“We are at Studio Jewelers in the bay plaza mall, my wife and I have been shopping here for over 4 years. The service is great – not pushy – and we will keep coming back.”

“Yes, we will definitely be back!”


The Only Place I Buy My Jewelry:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers Reviews“This is the ONLY place I buy my jewelry at, I generally bring my friends with me. Every piece I’ve had has been phenomenal, I have no complaints about the quality or the service. The service is also just as equally phenomenal as the pieces, and they take great care of me. 🙂 Thank you!”


Studio Jewelers Testimonial By American Military Member 
Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers ReviewsOur USA Military customers keep saying thank you, but we are the ones who owe them all the thanks! Thank you Rick for protecting our country, and for making the United States of America, as well as the world at large, a safe place to live. This hero is telling us about his Studio Jewelers Reviews.

“I just came back form my second appointment in Afghanistan. I came to Studio Jewelers to find my girlfriend a ring, I’m not proposing, don’t get me wrong 🙂 , but she definitely took care of me while I was away so i just wanted to say thank you. So I came here and they really looked out for me, they gave me a nice deal – actually on a watch, a ring for her, and a ring for myself. And I just really – I appreciate it, it’s a nice gesture for a military member. Thank you!”

Happy Customers – Studio Jewelers:

Studio Jewelers Testimonials Studio Jewelers ReviewsHere are some of the happiest customers of the day giving Studio Jewelers Reviews. This happy video was recorded here at Studio Jewelers. Visit us today at 2240 Bartow Avenue, Bronx NY. You ladies are pretty simply cute as can be!

“I’m so excited, oh my Gosh look at this, I can’t believe it! Oh my gosh, wait wait wait – wait look at this! Wow! I just love this place! Look at – look at – every time I come here I always walk out a happy happy customer! Wow! Oh my gosh, this is so nice! They’re they best! Yuri, you’re the best! I love you, I can’t even tell you, I’m so thrilled! now i’ve just got to go home and explain to my husband what I did again! I don’t know how happy he’s going going to be!


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